Featuring Mike Santoro


FOH Requirements

The Stranger is a first class, exacting tribute to the music of Billy Joel.
We recreate the sound and feel of Billy's live show, so the FOH mix should lean towards a live 'rock and roll' sound, as fitting Billy's live show.


Sound reinforcement should be of a suitable size and quantity to deliver clean, undistorted, full range sound at appropriate volume to
all viewing areas of the venue. Please ensure that the system has sufficient headroom and power for clean transient reproduction.


Monitor/Input Requirements

The Stranger travels with a Behringer X32 Rack system and self contained 32 channel splitting snake for our IEM mixes.
No wedges are required on stage.


All mics and lines will go directly into our snake input box, and a

separate pre monitor pigtail split will be given to FOH.


We also travel with many of the needed mics, stands, and DIs.

The following need to be supplied by the venue/production



Clean power at all instrument positions

1 Wireless Vocal Mic with *Straight* stand (Prefer Shure
SM58 Capsule)

2 Vocal mics (SM58 or equivalent) with boom stands

Set of quality drum mics for a 7 piece kit, including condenser
mics for hi hat and L and R overheads (Please note that we will
use these mics for IEM feeds even in small theaters where they
may be unnecessary for the FOH mix)

1 drum riser (min 8'x8') and rug

Various XLR cables


Please note: Depending on stage size, sub snake boxes may

be needed or helpful to run input lines to our IEM rig.



For any questions, please contact Mike Santoro at 704.499.1831



We look forward to working with you, thank you for your time

and help!